$33 million is a lot of buzz

We ❤️ beehiiv

Hi, everyone! It’s sunny and 80 degrees in New York City, which means one thing and one thing only: I will somehow spend between $70 and $90 today. Them’s the breaks.

—Kinsey, cofounder & head of editorial at Smooth Media

The Power of Platform: Our Love Letter to beehiiv

Earlier this week, Smooth Media email platform of choice beehiiv announced a $33 million Series B to fuel what we know will be explosive growth, both in technology and their mega-talented team. We couldn’t be more excited for our friends.

Beehiiv sends 1 billion emails per month from around 20,000 active newsletters, but scale and expertise aren’t the only reasons we recommend beehiiv to our knowledge creators. What really sets it apart, as far as yours truly is concerned, is how creator-friendly beehiiv is at its core.

And before I get into it: No, this isn’t sponsored. The beehiiv team isn’t holding me hostage. We’re just really, really proud of Tyler, Ben, Jake, and the whole crew. Because, not to be this person, but we knew Tyler before he was Tyler Denk, CEO of beehiiv…when we were all at Morning Brew together in our early 20s (see embarrassing photos below). Many of us had big ideas percolating, and we’re so amped that Tyler and the team are pursuing theirs so successfully.

Joe’s Shanghai, October 2018. None of us look old enough to vote.

Morning Brew party, September 2019. A lot has changed in the five years since, but at least Tyler’s hair hasn’t. Also RIP Business Casual.

Public Hotel Basement, hours after the photo above was taken. If you look closely, you can see a reflection of me and ten (10) vodka sodas in Jenny’s sunglasses.

Fast forward to today, and beehiiv is all the rage. It makes perfect sense why: This really is the creator’s platform. A few reasons why →

  • The text editor is as simple (if not simpler) to use as Google Docs.

  • The beehiiv advertising network enables creators and brands to monetize their newsletters with far more scale than they could solo.

  • The analytics are actually useful and easily digestible.

As we have more and more conversations about the need for creators to own their relationships with their audiences (see: TikTok getting banned), there will be an increase in demand for newsletters (call me!). But not every email platform is built with the creator experience in mind. Beehiiv is.

We’re really proud of the whole beehiiv team and we can’t wait to see what they do next. Since we’re such power users, can we please make a few requests for the “ship next” list? 

  • The ability to pay to unsubscribe someone from your competitor’s email list

  • A newsletter with all the dirty details of the beehiiv vs. ConvertKit beef 👀

  • The option to physically mail our newsletters (beehiiv finally fixed email text editors, surely they can fix the US Postal Service)

Thank you!

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Thanks for reading! May your aperol spritz be perfectly iced, your sunglasses polarized, and your farmer’s tan not too noticeable. Happy May! ☀️