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We’ve partnered with Miss Excel to launch her newsletter, The Workbook

Kat Norton is more than the Internet's favorite Excel creator.

You probably know Kat Norton as Miss Excel. Over the last two years, she’s built a passionate combined audience of 1.5 million on TikTok and Instagram through creative videos combining relatable dance moves and practical Excel tips.

As that audience has expanded, Kat has grown her brand to serve her fans and followers every step of the way. For example? Kat launched a booming Excel education business utilized by some of the biggest businesses in the world.

But Kat is more than an incredible Excel educator. She’s got a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and productivity (see here and here).

We recognize that Kat has captured lightning in a bottle, and that’s why we’re pumped to partner with her to bring more of her wisdom—from Excel functions to positive energy—to life in her newsletter, The Workbook.

The team behind The Workbook—Kat, Course Studio (Kat’s design and technical partner), and our team here at Smooth—will make good on two promises: 1) to provide the actionable Excel tips for which Kat is known and 2) to showcase Kat’s signature POV on big life things like navigating your career, setting and accomplishing your goals, and cultivating your very best self.

And best of all, The Workbook will allow Kat to build out her prowess as a thought leader through a strategic new channel. Unlike followers on social media who aren’t guaranteed to see everything Kat posts, a newsletter is distributed directly to the reader through an owned list of emails. More direct, more guaranteed. We’re so excited for what’s to come with Miss Excel and The Workbook.

—Josh, Jenny, & Kinsey, cofounders of Smooth Media