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Rod Thill (Just Me Rod) and Smooth Media join forces

Introducing: WorkDaze

You know Rod from TikTok, Instagram, his podcast Millennial Made, and maybe even his Spotify.

He’s built a beloved brand, bringing together top-tier comedy with seriously relatable content about the reality of work. 

We’re teaming up with Rod to bring you WorkDaze—a media brand focused on exploring our relationship with work. Starting with a twice weekly newsletter to bookend your workweek, WorkDaze will tackle questions like…What’s a healthy work-life balance? How do we make hybrid work work? Why the f*** are we still writing cover letters?

From the editorial side…

We’re jazzed to explore all that work could be—if we could just get that work/life balance right. How we work, where we work, what we think of work, the ways we talk about work. They all contribute to our perception of work and how it fits into life…and importantly, vice versa.

And so much about that relationship has shifted in the last handful of years. Exploring those changes (and in doing so, focusing on improving our relationships and mental health) through Rod’s lens of millennial humor? We’re so excited. It’s going to be good. Make sure you sign up here.

From the business side…

Rod and WorkDaze’s core audience is the corporate millennial. These are current and soon-to-be decision-makers who care about making work better—holistically. This presents an incredible opportunity for marketers who are thinking big about their employer brand and want to speak to this powerful and active group of the workforce.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Peloton Corporate Wellness as the exclusive launch sponsor of the newsletter. We believe this audience cares about real benefits—not ping pong tables and kombucha. Peloton hits at the core of that and mobilizes an audience to go to their HR teams and advocate for something that’s truly valuable to them: wellness.

If you’re interested in partnering with WorkDaze and getting involved with some of the exciting opportunities we’re cooking up, email Colin at [email protected]

From the human side…

Working with Rod has been a freaking delight and we do our best to remind ourselves we’re fortunate to be working with creative, genuine people and making great stuff together.

Lots more to come!

—Josh, Jenny, & Kinsey, cofounders of Smooth Media