Thankful for you <3

Smooth’s cup runneth over

Hi, everyone! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (also the day the National Dog Show airs from 12pm to 2pm in all time zones, mark your calendars appropriately). Call it holiday sentimentality, but we’re feeling especially grateful for all the wonderful things that have come our way this year. Hallmark, have your people call our people.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, our whole team is sharing a gratitude list—a compilation of some of the things for which we’re most grateful. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🍁

—the team at Smooth Media

The Smooth Media Gratitude List

  1. Lunch dessert, the snooze feature on Gmail, All Too Well Wednesdays (editor’s note: this is our tradition of listening to “All Too Well (10-Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” every Wednesday without fail), and an endless supply of tea in the WeWork to keep me warm. —Ali, account manager

  2. Sydney, Markos, Survivor, the opportunity to build something new (professionally), enjoying the people in my life (personally and professionally), all Smoothies. —Colin, head of partnerships

  3. And also all Slurpees —Colin, head of partnerships

  4. I’m grateful for the whole Smooth team. After freelancing for almost 3 years, this is my first “real" full-time job and my first-ever in-person coworkers! This team has taught me what work “should” be—a group of equally self-motivated, passionate, and wonderful humans all working toward the same big goal. We work hard because we want to, and that has completely shifted my perception of work. —Jenna, newsletter editor

  5. Grateful for this team and everything Smooth Media has given me in my first few weeks at this job—the laughs, the energy, and the sincere commitment to each other that’s cemented in the idea that we love what we do, who we do it for, and who we do it with! —Markos, brand partnerships associate (who literally started like last week and is already killing it) 

  6. It’s a tie between Gmail’s schedule send and Slack’s later button…how did people do business prior to these inventions? —Josh, CEO

  7. So I had a whole five-year plan mapped out before I joined Smooth. But then, that plan got pushed off a bit…which brought me the opportunity to work at Smooth…which completely flipped what I thought I wanted on its head. The people and energy that I’ve been surrounded with for the past year have made me question my life plan entirely, and I couldn’t be more thankful. It’s because of the Smooth team that I am now questioning my entire existence?? The enthusiasm, support, and character that each and every team member brings to the company is what pushes me to think differently and keep learning every day. —Tishya, ops associate

  8. My NutriBullet (please sponsor me). I’d like to use this time to share that I’ve officially moved on from aspirations to become a chocolate milk influencer and am moving into the smoothie space. —Josh, CEO

  9. Being part of a team that encourages healthy work/life balance and pursuing something even if it’s not directly related to work at all times: for example, our work with Knock Knock Give a Sock and their upcoming Holiday Carnival! —Ali, account manager 

  10. The good kind of challenges —Kinsey, head of editorial 

  11. This year, I am extremely thankful for BOOX (aka Colin, our head of partnerships). I tell everyone that they all need a Colin in their life. From endless yappa yappa brainstorm sessions to helping me sling deals, you’ve supported me so much in my first 9 months at Smooth. So thank you. ❤️ —Sydney, brand partnerships associate

  12. Let's get a bit...nose-y (pun intended). For all my nasal congested homies out there, do yourself a favor and buy nose strips. They have forever changed the way I breathe and I will be eternally thankful for this product. —Sydney, brand partnerships associate

  13. Grateful for our office banter! The laughs throughout the day make coming into the office a lot of fun. —Ben, creator partnerships lead

  14. High interest rates. Starting the business in a tougher climate has forced us to lock in and be very careful with our decision-making. When interest rates go down…look out. —Josh, CEO (if you couldn’t tell by what he’s grateful for)

  15. My amazing Female Cofounders™ —Josh, CEO (this is a long-running joke approved by Kinsey and Jenny FYI) 

  16. Our ever-growing list of Smooth slang (yaesh, overcomms, edsheeraning, goop—to name a few) —Jenny, COO

  17. We’re grateful for the most capable and trustworthy team in the biz. This year really showed us how far you can get when you have the right people going there with you—people who are creative, dependable, communicative, and funnier than they really even need to be. Seeing them show up every day blows our minds in a good way. —Josh, Jenny, and Kinsey, Smooth cofounders

Most of all, our whole team is grateful for everyone reading this email. You’re our biggest supporters (or our biggest haters, which we’re also really grateful for) ((just kidding)). Thank you for giving us the space to explore new ideas, talk about what excites us, and (lovingly) make fun of one another.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading! We hope you’re also feeling the love this holiday season. We’ll be back next week with another stellar Smoothletter. See you then, and tell your family and friends we said hi!