There’s more to life than newsletters

(But not a lot more) ((kidding))

Hi, everyone! Is Bill Nye the Science Guy kind of the OG knowledge creator? I’m no scientist myself (got a 2 on the AP Bio exam), but my hypothesis is…yes? Mostly because of how effortlessly he got me totally eclipse-pilled in this spread with TimeOut. This man’s swag is a generational treasure.

—Kinsey, cofounder & head of editorial at Smooth Media

The Smooth You May Not Know (Yet)

🚨 Breaking news 🚨 Smooth’s very own newsletter tsarina has a shocking proclamation: Too many people think of Smooth as a newsletter company.

Sure, we publish well over a dozen creator-led newsletters that go out to a combined 800,000+ subscribers each week. And we’ll always be newsletters’ No. 1 fan—nowhere else can you use a niche meme as effectively as you can in email. But to say Smooth is just a newsletter company is like saying Beyoncé is just a musician. It’s leaving so much out.

Did you know: Smooth represents some of the most talented knowledge creators on the internet…and together, we’ve been collaborating with incredible brands to deliver smart, creative creator marketing campaigns.

Some standout examples:

  • Jacklyn Dallas of NothingButTech x John Deere. John Deere is way more than your dad’s prized lawnmower. The company has been making incredible innovations in agricultural tech, and this partnership leveraged Jacklyn's expertise and enthusiasm to highlight that new tech to a Gen Z audience.

  • Camille Bergin aka The Galactic Gal x RVShare. This partnership was so creative—Camille encouraged her space-loving audience to rent an RV on RVShare to see the upcoming eclipse from the path of totality. It had both utility and a unique message.

  • Matt Wolfe x HubSpot. Partnerships like this one, which plugged HubSpot’s generative AI guide to Matt’s AI-focused audience, are our bread and butter. Premium brand. Long-term, embedded partnership. Stellar audience fit.

YouTube: Matt Wolfe (@mreflow)

So why are we betting big on repping knowledge creators? Because we’re confident in this: The needs and business opportunities for knowledge creators are unique—and we’ve built a platform that suits those particular needs and opportunities.

Knowledge creators need a thoughtful revenue strategy to build a thriving, sustainable media business. But they also need support in executing on that strategy—because their highest leverage time is spent being creative, not pitching themselves to brands and bugging account coordinators for UTM links. That’s where we step in. Our team (hi, Colin and Sydney and Markos) relentlessly goes after the biggest, baddest brand partnerships in the game, ensuring our Smooth knowledge creators are both 1) driving revenue and 2) doing it on their terms.

And in doing so for the last two years, Smooth has become the default marketing partner for marquee brands across industries looking to engage with professional and niche audiences. It’s a win-win, really.

So while Smooth will always be the Tom Holland to newsletters’ Zendaya, we’re more than meets the eye.

  • Financial journalist Phil Rosen and investing creator Anthony Pompliano are launching Opening Bell Daily, a news and research outlet covering markets and investing for free.

  • Creator consultant Joe Fucigna has a new service geared toward establishing, operating, and growing creator memberships.

  • Solid partnership I’m into: Stylist and creator Allison Bornstein (whose whole thing is being thoughtful about wardrobe building and getting dressed) and women’s clothing company M.M. LaFleur (whose whole thing is making getting dressed easier).

  • Friends of Smooth doing cool stuff alert: Course Studio published a sick case study detailing its partnership with Colin & Samir.

Thanks for reading! Want to chat about brand partnerships or hear more about what our revenue team has cooking? As always, hit reply! We’d love to hear from you. 🤗