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We’ve teamed up with Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East

Expanding on their mission to share fun, uplifting content about all things parenting and families.

What happens when an Olympic gold medalist/Dancing with the Stars champion/author and an NFL player/American Ninja Warrior contestant start a family?

We all get to enjoy their highs, lows, and shockingly relatable moments. That’s part of what makes Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East more than just a power couple—they’re willing to show the world just how real parenting and family life can get.

When we first met Shawn and Andrew, they shared their grand vision for a media brand bigger than just their content. After spending the last five years showcasing their lives and their relationship on social media, they were ready to think bigger—to expand on their mission (empowering families with honest, inspiring and *fun* content) by creating a dedicated hub for family content of all kinds: FamilyMade Media.

When they aren’t making adorable videos, Shawn, Andrew, and their team have been turning FamilyMade Media from an idea into a reality, signing incredible creators onto the network with vast perspectives on parenting and family to create podcasts, shows, social content, and more.

We’ve teamed up with Shawn and Andrew to launch the FamilyMade newsletter. The goal is to seamlessly aggregate the many elements of their network into one product that will provide readers with new content, new conversations, and new context all about families.

The FamilyMade newsletter will hit inboxes on Mondays with an exploration of some of the biggest challenges, triumphs, and ideas in parenting and relationships. And on Fridays, the newsletter will feature community questions answered by none other than Shawn, Andrew, and their growing network of FamilyMade creators.

We can’t wait to track FamilyMade’s growth with a pencil on the kitchen door :)

—Josh, Jenny, & Kinsey, cofounders of Smooth Media